The documentary For Our Daughters is a cinematic collage of interviews with 17 African American women from different backgrounds with varying opinions and unique perspectives. Together, these women share stories of resilience, wisdom and a deep rooted concern for Black girls and young Black women of today who are faced with the task of growing up Black and Female in a sexist and racially challenged society.

Young Black girls continue to face mounting challenges of beauty, self-esteem, self worth, lack of history, health and wealth. For Our Daughters offers an aspect of Black women that many of our girls and the world over rarely get a chance to see in the media.

Black women are rarely portrayed in a thoughtful, complex or balanced light. For Our Daughters, at it's essence, offers that representation. Relationships, money, sexism, racism, color-ism within black community, child molestation, history and identity, social capital, teen pregnancy, STD's- HIV/AIDS... All of these topics and more are discussed in this documentary.

For Our Daughters can be described as food for the soul, strength for the spirit and intellect for your mind. The women in this film shred and dismantle the stereo-typical images of Black women that our daughters are bombarded with daily.

Their stories, their advice... their resilience. For Our Daughters is truly an education for Black Girls.

Hear from heads of Companies and Organizations

Get life lessons from Pastors, Social Advocates, Educators and Therapist. Share in the personal testimonies of Doctors, Politicians & Entrepreneurs. Each topic that is discussed in the film makes for perfect conversation starters between you and your children, especially your girls.


  • This is an extraordinary production. The documentary explores in unique ways the struggles and challenges that our girls go through growing up in a society that dictates to them who they are and what they can or cannot do. I truly believe this message will resonate with millions. As a counselor who works with kids and teens, I have to say that this is probably the first time that I have seen something that can help overcome many of these issues in real and tangible ways.

    Lawrence J. Clayton
    Philadelphia, PA

  • “For Our Daughters” is powerful stuff! The subject matter discussed goes above and beyond what I expected. Your film doesn't just create some random issues or give some vague solutions. It actually delivers! I feel you have deposited something very valuable in my own personal self-esteem. Thanks so much for this genius piece of work! I salute the creators of this film.

    Ella Devoe
    Jacksonville, NJ.